Cultural Differences in Nordic Baltic Business Organizations

In cooperation with Nordic Chambers of Commerce in Latvia, personnel management company Talentor Latvia is conducting a research on Cultural Differences in Nordic Baltic Business Organizations. The research is organized by Talentor Offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

If you represent a Nordic/Baltic company, you are welcome to fill in the survey:

The main goals and core benefits of the survey are:

  • To elaborate on cross-cultural challenges in employment and management, as well as gain awareness and understanding of the similarities and differences in expectations, motivation and behaviours;
  • To develop insights for building effective communication, cooperation and team management practices that will help in developing more successful business organizations in the Nordic Baltic region.

The research results will be analysed from four different perspectives:

  1. Nordic employers – Nordic employers whose companies operate in Baltics and whose employees are Baltic;
  2. Nordic employees – Nordic employees who work in their home countries under the supervision of Baltic managers (as employees for Baltic employers);
  3. Baltic employers – Baltic employers whose companies operate in the Nordic countries and whose employees are Nordic;
  4. Baltic employees – Baltic employees who work in the Nordic companies in Baltics (as employees for Nordic employers)

Since the research is organized in all three Baltic Countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and the Nordic Countries represent Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, the results of the research will be analysed for country pairs, for example, Estonia-Sweden, Latvia-Norway or Denmark-Lithuania, thus giving insights on the cultural differences in Estonian-Swedish, Latvian-Norwegian or Lithuanian-Danish business organizations.

The research is both quantitative (filling in a survey) and qualitative (phone interviews with a sample of employers/employees).

The survey methodology is based on the findings of the Dutch social psychologist Geert Hofstede. To find out more about Geert Hofstede’s Cultural Insights, visit

The survey results will be presented during the Nordic Baltic Business Forum 2014 that will take place in the venue of Latvian National Library on November 4, 2014 in Riga.

As an appreciation for the contribution to the survey, the participants of the research will receive a summary of the key findings within two weeks after the Forum.

Should you have any questions, please, contact our survey co-ordinator Līga Leimane at or GSM +371 292 199 43.

Thank you for cooperation and looking forward to sharing our findings,

Katrīna Ošleja

Senior Partner, Talentor Latvia

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